Install an Android APK file

I asked Peter to write us an Android application for reporting our mood at periodic intervals to go with recording everywhere we go with a GPS and saving all our text messages. Eventually, we could geo-locate these moods and match them up with any text messages we might be writing.

Again, he came up trumps and managed to produce a very good application in a matter of days which I was able to tailor to suit just our requirements – it’s been amazing to work with him and I hope the relationship continues to develop. There are two mood tracking applications for Android at the time of writing, one called ‘Mood Tracker’ is only partially translated and gives you feedback in some kind of Asian script, the other is from the American Army (I kid you not), T2 Mood Tracker and has very sophisticated methods for setting up your own categories but they both lack ways of getting this data out. They both produce graphs, but the T2 mood tracker doesn’t report the numbers behind what you rated, which makes it pretty much useless for all its gloss and the much more basic Asian one, even though it reports the moods with number indicators, doesn’t let you export this report. Hence Peter’s app.

Anyhow, I always forget how to install the .apk files that I download from Peter’s Redmine project management system server so I thought I’d note here how I did it (didn’t know I was going to waffle on this much though)

cd to the ‘platform-tools’ directory you unpacked the Android SDK in:
~$ cd ~/bin/android-sdk-linux_86/platform-tools
~/bin/android-sdk-linux_86/platform-tools$ ./adb install [path/to/application].apk
which for me was
~/bin/android-sdk-linux_86/platform-tools$ ./adb install ~/bin/moodtracker.apk
NB obviously, you just enter the command after the $ prompt

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