Unpacking a walk

Walk Hathersage to Bamford

A walk form Hathersage to Bamford

Going on a six hour walk this Saturday with Heimo Lattner reminded me of a problem I was thinking about on the ‘Going Solo’ residency, how do you unpack a walk that you might have recorded aspects of?

In my case, for the Heimo walk, from S-Bahnhof Oberspree to the newly opened Tempelhof Airfield here in Berlin, I had set my small laptop periodically taking photographs with a web cam pointing straight upwards, attached to my rucksack. I thought I had also recorded the walk with my GPS but I discovered that it had run out of batteries about half way through!

In any case, the question that still preys on my mind is what to make of these walks? There is a big part of me that agrees with something Heimo said on the walk, that the walk is the thing itself. But there is another part that still has the urge to reflect on the walk by making work about it in a similar (but less traumatic) way that I dealt with a fire I saw by making a performance, ‘Unfallen‘ about it.

I’m slowly working on a walk from Hathersage to Bamford I did as part of the Going Solo residency and trying to bring together the GPS trail with the webcam images I took (in this case, of the ground, which I think is actually more successful that the sky).

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