Visit to the Konrad Zuze exhibit at the Technical Museum with Martin

I decided to take Martin’s Skrying board with me to the Technical Museum where we both wanted to see the Zuse display which is itself a confusing and patronising combination of hi- and lo-tech with ‘books’ with inbuilt speakers you can’t turn the sound off of and displays you have to press to keep the sound going. It was somehow great to see the replica of the Z1 though and realise how mechanical it all was. Couldn’t help wonder how it all really works and found this site that helps.

Zuse Z1 in the Technical Museum, Berlin

I guess the need to take some sort of recording was prompted by my lack of GPS coverage and recording of our experience and I was curious to find out what the electromagnetic landscape of a technical museum would look like. This time I was careful to put the Skrying board away from my phone, wallet etc and wear it on my chest in the pouch I normally tuck my mobile into.

I wonder if the peak in the red (sensor 1) reading is when we reached the Zuse exibit? It’s difficult to tell as the readings are taken every two or so seconds and although I started recording at 15:30, I’m not sure when the peak is or when we entered the display area. This would be solved by timestamping the readings (Martin?). I also suspect that the trailing off of reading intensity over time is due to old batteries running down (I can solve that one).

Skrying 2011-07-13

Gnuplot chart from Martin's skrying board

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