Psychogeophysics Summit Day 3

A glorious late summer day, we set out in the van to Grimes Graves, a Neolithic flint mine I’d been to with Dad not two months previously. I left my camera and eeepc recording above (the grass and clouds in the time-lapse) while I went down alone with the Ghost Detector we’d made the previous day. I wanted to test its properties in a ‘clean’ environment and sure enough, I only picked up the wiring for the lighting – but this very clearly, giving me faith in its fidelity. I was a little disappointed I got nothing from the flint nodules though.

After this we stopped off on the way home at Woolpit where there is a strange legend about two green children and a holy well. I was very impressed by the church of St Mary which has a wonderful angel (hammerbeam) roof and some great stone and wood carvings.

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