List of programmes I re-install after a linux OS new install

  • Mercurial – repositories (install through Synaptic)
  • glc – see this post
  • vlc – repositories
  • Audacity – repositories
  • Gnome do – repositories
  • pyRenamer – repositories
  • Unison – repositories BUT make sure you install the same version on both computers you’re syncing (had to install an older version on desktop because latest version not available for the laptop OS
  • Gimp – repositories (don’t know why this dropped out of the default install
  • pd-extended – get it here
  • gFTP – repositories
  • Quanta Plus – repositories (puts a lot of extra stuff on your machine but don’t worry about it
  • Jack Control (QjackCtl) – repositories
  • Viking – repositories
  • Mencoder – repositories
  • Cinelerra – here actually, I’m waiting for someone to make a maverick package so I haven’t re-installed this yet
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