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Using Spatialite to store and represent our GPX data

Background A quick bit of background. As people who read this blog know, we have recorded every journey we make, every day, with a GPS since 2003 (Dan) and 2007 (Sophia). As you can imagine, this practice has evolved technologically … Continue reading

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You’re the product, not the customer

Mathieu also pointed me towards this pertinent summation of Facebook, Google & Co: If you are not paying for it, you’re not the customer; you’re the product being sold. blue_beetle, you said it very well.

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Memory Palace Operating System

A very inspiring talk tonight in Neukölln with Mathieu Baudier. He was talking about his vision for a file browser where instead of some hierarchical structure on the left hand panel (or in the case of mac, some shortcuts) and … Continue reading

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Speed Map of Berlin

I’ve been experimenting with Mathieu Baudier’s PostgreSQL / PostGIS importer for our tracks (I’ll write about this later soon) and visualising my database of tracks in QGIS. Many possibilities become available. Mathieu’s importer calculates speed for every vector in the … Continue reading

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