Memorialisation of Tempelhofer Feld Outcomes I

Tempelhofer Feld GPS DrawingFor those of you waiting for the drawing I made together with students from the HZT BA Choreography course during our ‘Choreographing the City’ workshop, here is a preliminary outcome. Each student’s line is a different colour. It was quickly produced using Qgis, importing GPX tracks directly with OGR. I’ll be producing an animation of this using DrawingLife when I get a chance and uploading it to our Vimeo collection.

If you’re reading this as a student of the BA Choreography, I haven’t forgotten that I promised you all unique pen plots of this drawing. I have completed some but on 1/1/2014 we moved into a new studio and this delayed producing the rest. Sorry. I’ll email you all when I have stuff for you.

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