From glc stream to Premiere Pro dv avi

Ok, I admit it, I still video edit in Windoze, using Premiere Pro. Haven’t found an alternative I trust yet (but watch this space). My big problem is that Premiere Pro is picky as to what video codec thingy it will accept but tonight I made a breakthrough with taking a glc stream (see here for a clue as to what I’m talking about) and turning it into a video I can import into Premiere’s choosy ‘bin’ of video clips so that I can edit it.

In a trusty terminal, cd to the location of your glc stream (a file with .glc on the end) and run
$ glc-play [stream file].glc -y 1 -o - | ffmpeg -i - -vcodec dvvideo -r 25 [output file].avi

This pipes the glc stream straight into ffmpeg which encodes the video with an avi wrapper (I really don’t entirely know what I’m talking about here but it works). The -r 25 option forces the output to 25 frames per second – this is the correct frame rate for DV PAL.

Note – you’d better set your glc stream to be created at the right size for DV PAL, namely 720×576, otherwise it won’t work.

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