Walk with Martin in Adlershof

Yesterday, 5 May, Martin and I met at Treptower Park at 14:00, took the S-Bahn to Adlershof and walked through that interesting landscape, destined to be Berlin’s science park which, thanks to economic meltdown and lack of investment, went off half-cocked, making for the unique look of named streets laid out between empty plots.

I was very impressed by the variety of plants, which I will scan in for a later post

Here is a map of our walk, through the science park, the ‘Aerodynamischer Park‘ and the site of the ‘Flugplatz Johannisthal‘, one of Germany’s first aerodromes.

Walk Through Adlershof

Walk Through Adlershof with Martin Howse

Here is the same walk, captured with Martin’s sensor board (like below) – graph produced by gnuplot, tips from Martin’s site

Sensor Log of Adlershof Walk

Sensor Log of Adlershof Walk

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