In Mons with Crew

I’m going to postpone reporting about the two other stone circles I visited and just briefly mention that I’m in Mons, Belgium at Le Manège this week at the invitation of Eric Joris of Crew. Today Eric and I were joined by Guy Vanden Bemden who now works for Numediart at the University of Mons. We’re here to explore ideas of new media and cities in the context of Crew’s immersive and augmented reality work.

In our wide-ranging talks today, we discussed the ability to mine old film footage for extra information it contains, such as Frank Hubner’s work with Automated Lip Reading which enabled someone to dub the private colour films Eva Braun took of him at Berghof, as well as Surface Capture which could be employed on moving footage of a scene to reconstruct a 3d model of, for example a building that is no longer there. We talked about data mining video, like this Ted Talk about an MIT professor who has analysed the speech acquisition of his baby for the first two years of his life. The sense cam also put in a brief appearance as we touched on the ability we now have to build prosthetic memory prompting systems, something that Soph and I are thinking about a lot with our data collection practices. Visual ways of navigating archives (like Siobhan Davies’ RePlay) and

It promises to be a very interesting week.

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